Canra Sri Lankan Plus has the freshest exotic food in town!

About Us

Come taste a choice of Sri Lankan Cuisine...

Enjoy the authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry. Taste a unique curry made with the finest aromatic spices and other special ingredients including coconut milk.... Come taste an assortment of other delightful favourite Sri Lankan cuisine.

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us. Ayubowan ~ “May you live longer and be healthy”


Our food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally (most of our vegetables are from our own organic garden)!  Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions - our friendly family run staff will be more than happy to help you find just the meal you want.

Customer Reviews

"As family-run as you can get, I couldn't say no to the cool, confident kid at the till who said I gotta try their food. Seeing they are Sri Lankan I asked if they made Chicken 65 (see House of Dosa).   Nope, darn. The son and father recommended the Lamb Koti Rotti, a stir-fry dish with cabbage, onions and other goodness. Made fresh to order, you can see they put their love into it. Super friendly people. They used a good number of different spices which worked well with the lamb. I got medium spice level which was just right.  Great value for I think $6. I usually only come to Tinseltown for movies, but if you need to chow down before a flick, come here. Forget about those fast food chains." - Edward L

"I wasn't expecting too much from here as it is located in a food court.  I was mistaken.
The place is run by a mom + pop.  One of the grandparents was there too.  A true family business.

Having no idea what they serve in Sri Lanka, I had their special (Lamb Koti Rotti), which is like a stir-fry.  They asked me if I wanted mild, medium, or hot.  Of course I picked hot.  Go big or go home.

This dish is freaking good.  Lots of flavour, and just the right amount of meat.  With that said, the guy added many jalapenos to the mix.  It was definitely burning, but tolerable.  I didn't have to grab a fire extinguisher.

Not sure about the other days, but today (Friday) they had the vegetable/fish/chicken kottu rotti on special for $6, with 50c for a can of pop on top.

Anyways, I think I've found my newest favourite food place at Tinseltown".  Recommended. - Ken C

"I love so much the authentic flavor of biryani
with aromatic flavour and the quality of the taste. I really like the food and I recommend the Canra 
for anyone who likes the aromatically food." -- Ryan Mcbrae, Vancouver

"Awesome meal. And cheap, too! I'm not usually a fan of food court meals, but this was incredible. Freshly made. Delicious. Light, but filling. Had the Lamb Kottu Rotti (medium heat) and it had a great level of spiciness without being overwhelmingly hot.While we were eating, the owner came over to our table (remember... this is in a FOOD COURT) 
and asked if we were enjoying our meal!!! WOW! You don't get that kind of attention in most sit-down restaurants.
Do yourself a favour and eat here!" -- John S., Vancouver

"Canra Chicken and Fish is a little food court gem in the often empty Tinseltown mall second floor. The menu is a bit strange at first glance - sandwiches, french fries.... and Sri Lankan dishes (dosas, rottis, various dishes in a warmer). I can get sandwiches and french fries anywhere, so I'm focusing on their unique menu items and slowly working my way through all of the Sri Lankan delights.

So far my favourites are the fish rotti and the chicken dosa. Each of these are $5.99 - super awesome price point. You have to wait a couple of minutes for the food to be prepared, but it's worth the minor wait. Both dishes tasted like excellent home-made meals. You can also get a few different dishes from the warmer (stir fried pineapple!) with rice for less for about 5 bucks. It's a great bargain and I hope they will get the business they deserve." -- okvancouverVancouver